Английски - Есперанто Речник:
rate 1. Slang corpse, dead body; overly formal or priggish person; fellow, regular person; drunk
rate 2. difficult to bend, rigid; stubborn; strong; awkward; hard, difficult; thick; high, expensive
rate 3. in a rigid state; thoroughly, completely
rate 4. S E V E R E (adj) -er, -est - severe; difficult to deal with or do I think that rapists should be given a stiff prison sentence. The athlete was give a stiff punishment for using drugs. They are campaigning for stiffer penalties for people who drink and drive. He has come in for some stiff criticism. Some stiff cuts in public spending have been proposed. There has been stiff opposition/resistance to the proposed tax increases. They've got a stiff task ahead of them. The prime minister is facing a stiff test of his authority. It's a stiff climb to the top of the hill. Some college courses have stiffer entry requirements than others. We face a stiff challenge in the next round of the competition. Both companies are worried about losing business in the face of stiff competition. A stiff wind/breeze is a strong one. A stiff wind blew sand in our faces as we walked along the beach. A stiff drink is a strong alcoholic drink. I had such a bad day that as soon as I got home I poured myself a stiff drink. I need a stiff gin/whisky/brandy. A stiff price is a very or unacceptably expensive price. The main reason this model of car has not sold well is because of its stiff price. We had to pay a stiff membership fee to join the health club.
rate 5. not pay for, leave without paying; person, man. Usage example: The cab driver told a policeman that a lady had stiffed him. You lucky stiff! You won a TV!
rate 6. person, man You lucky stiff! You won a; TV!
rate 7. drunk
rate 8. dead body; corpse
rate 9. racehorse that is certain to lose
rate 10. erect penis
rate 11. illegal letter sent out of jail without being censored
rate 12. exclamation of derision, used to point out that someone has got what they deserved; serves yourself right!
rate 13. sore from exertion/exercise
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Така че, това е, как може да се каже "stiff" в есперанто.
До сега, има редица 123,658 търси думи / изрази, сред 656 днес.
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