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The definition of word "beauty":
+4 rate 1. n the quality of being pleasing, esp. to look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, esp. by being looked at In ancient Greek stories, Helen of Troy was a woman of great beauty. We were speechless at the beauty of the view from the top of the mountain. This is an area of outstanding natural/scenic beauty. The piece of music he played had a haunting beauty. Some women spend a lot of money on beauty treatments. " You'll find beauty products on the ground floor, Madam" replied the shop assistant. She was a great beauty (= a beautiful woman) when she was young. (informal) A beauty is also something that is an excellent example of its type. Your roses are beauties this year. " That's a real beauty!" he said admiringly of her new car. (informal) The beauty of this plan (= what makes it good) is that it won't cost too much. A beauty contest/pageant is a competition in which women are judged for their physical attractiveness. A beauty queen is a woman who wins a beauty contest. A beauty salon/beauty parlour/ (US also) beauty shop is a place where (usually) women go to have their hair, face and body given special treatments to improve their appearance. (humorous) Beauty sleep is the sleep that you need in order to feel and look healthy and attractive. I always feel terrible if I don't get my beauty sleep. A beauty spot is a place in the countryside which is particularly attractive. A beauty spot is also a small dark mark (which in the past was often artificial) on a woman's face. (saying) ' Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' means that not all people have the same opinions about what is attractive. (saying) ' Beauty is only skin deep' means that a person's character is more important than how they look.
rate 2. prettiness, handsomeness
rate 3. fine; good: “a beaut car”
rate 4. exclamation of approval, delight, enthusiasm, etc.
rate 5. a) something successful or highly valued; b) pleasant, agreeable, trustworthy person
rate 6. Wonderful!
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